A few short years ago, the vision was launched of LSU becoming a flagship university and being recognized as a world-class institution. We knew we were on the cusp of becoming elite in terms of students, faculty, and staff, but we had to find a way to fund that vision other than from increased state funding or tuition increases alone. We needed to increase private financial support to really make that vision a reality.

Therefore, the university's leadership made the historic decision to reach out to you to make the Flagship Agenda happen—to add endowed chairs and professorships, increase student scholarships, and build a new Business Education Complex and LSU Band Hall. The Forever LSU campaign was the vessel through which we would engage you to meet these historic goals, and we did. Thanks to you, more than $798 million was raised, endowing 794 new scholarships, 429 new professorships, and 36 new chairs. Also, the Business Education Complex is under construction, as is the LSU Band Hall. LSU has ascended to the top tier of American universities for the first time through your dedication and contributions. Now we have to stay there and continue to improve, so our private support must also continue in the future. But through you, Forever LSU has reinforced for our flagship university a solid foundation from which to build as we enter our second 150 years.

Much like the iconic arches that line our beautiful campus, you have provided support, stability, and a path forward to the future of our great university. You are an integral part of the rich history and tradition of LSU...and you will be forever.

The Honorable W. Henson Moore III
Forever LSU Campaign Chair

Read the Forever LSU campaign report online.